produces and
sells from Argentina
recycled leather
or Eco Bonded

We have a highly productive,
modern and versatile
finishing plant for the
different leathers we
manufacture, Finished with
different designs, With
different feels, Brush Off, Pull
up, Termochangeable, Nobuk,
Patent finishes, Vintage effect,
Patent, allways following the
worldwide fashion trends.

letaher fibers, natural latex
and resins that are used as
binders together with natural
oils that are also used in
leather production.

We can produce our
products in roles or
sheets to provide
minimum waste.

During the
manufacturing, each
product is given a
different treatment which
gives our leather the
properties and quality
required by our customers

We have a very important
Lab to ensure the quality
of our products and also
for R & D.

It is produced using
leather scraps from the
shoes factories and
selected leather fibers
from the tanneries.
Mixed with natural and
synthetic resins and
leather fat oil

Our company, as a
recycler of this leather
scraps of the tanneries
is a very important link
for the environment. We
also count with an
effluent treatment plant.

Using a special
manufacturing process, that
mixes different techniques
from other industries, we
produce bonded leather.
The firts process is to select,
mill and mix the leatehr
fibers. With a process similar
to the paper industry all the
fibers are recycled to obtain
a product very similar to

Shoe industry

Heels and heel lining

Leather industry

1 piece belts
Belt uppers and linings
Belt strips and Filler
Purses and wallets
Leather desk goods
Regional articles, cases and boxes


Leather tiles for walls
Leather tiles for floors
Leather over floating floor
Wall applications
Wall lining
Various applications

Other industries

Leather chairs
Saddles and other items
Boxes and cases
Bed support
Fashion accessories
To be finished by other industries
PVC/PU/Release paper